As an internationally based physical education teacher and coach for well over a decade, I held this enriching position in a manner that allowed me to care for the health and well-being of my students and team members. 


After a deadly infection physically halted my first passion, it also propelled me into a yearlong devotion to healing myself from the inside out. Through this journey, Kambo was the catalyst that brought change to the course of my life forever.


  This metamorphosis has embodied health in all facets, feeding the soul with rich cultural experiences, and gaining knowledge in a variety of therapeutic plant and animal extracts from around the world.


I have gained a deep respect and reverence for the peptide rich Kambo and what it means to honour and pay heed to my spirit and the path that it leads. 


I offer sacred Hapay (Rapé) Sanaga and sessions in safe, comfortable, private settings worldwide.

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