"Many thanks Ashley, I thoroughly benefited on many levels from my kambo sessions with you; felt secure and oh so much better following the experiences, can be tough during it though 😉 yet knew I was in good hands.  I highly recommend this purgative cleanse to those who are called to it, and for Ashley to guide you through it .... see you next time, masses of thanks again"  John Rogerson PhD


“The Kambo ceremony with Ash was very magical.    She brought an amazing energy to my space and made my partner and I feel extremely comfortable through the entire duration.  I felt very safe and supported. In the days after many emotions came forward and allowed for a deep reflection.  The clarity and energy I currently have, two weeks after, has me very content and already thinking about the next ceremony.”
Tyler Bruley

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Where to start... I have endometriosis, had a scope done when I was 25 to confirm this while having problems with irregular periods and problems getting pregnant. They lasered out a "small" amount from my lower abdomen and said I would need to repeat every 2 years for maintenance/control over the endometrial cells. At one point I had an Endometriosis cyst wrapped around one fallopian tube, which was killing the ovary attached. I managed to get pregnant and had my first child at 30 years old. The only time I finally felt some relief since puberty was when I was pregnant or breastfeeding. After 2 children and chronic pain before and after each, Kambo has been my only relief, similar to what I felt while pregnant and not producing more endo cells. My first Kambo ceremony was gentle and I did feel cramping during and maybe a day afterwards, but it was dull. I was warned that my first moon cycle afterwards could be worse, clearing out some of the cells. But I felt immediate relief that lasted for 6 months with each moon cycle being in the "normal" range. The feel of dread when the morning alarm went off and just telling myself to make it through the workday and I could go to bed early when the kids did was gone. I woke up each day with no pain. And as the months passed there was no hot burning pain that would usually radiate from my knees to my navel. Before sometimes I was so tender I had to sit with my weight to one side because direct pressure sitting straight up felt like I was being stabbed and it would make me jump wincing in pain. I have had 2 Kambo treatment since then with Ashley that has given me relief from all that pain still. Each time is different how long I feel relief but it's never been shorter than 4 months. My last ceremony was very intense and an amazing purge with an explosion of energy afterward. I felt energetic every day and jumped out of bed with a purpose when that alarm went off. I was actually telling people the "old Amanda" was back! Ashley takes the time, each and every time to listen and ask the right questions to make sure you are getting exactly what you need out of the ceremony. She has such a mothering caretaker spirit that makes you feel at ease every step of the way. I openly discuss Kambo with anyone who is willing to listen as I believe in it but most of all I believe in Ashley. She is IAKP trained and supplies only the purest medicine. Along with her training, her attention to detail and her wealth of knowledge and experience with her own miracle story of what kambo medicine helped her overcome Ashley is amazing. Any day that is a "rough day" I can just focus on one of my past ceremonies and build my strength back up knowing I have Ashley and Kambo medicine with me. Until next time Ashley Viva! Xoxo

Amanda, School Admin, Kitchener

“I am writing this the morning after my first treatment. Ash took time to call me two times before my ceremony to discuss anything I wanted to make me feel comfortable and to share details about the process. Any reassurance I wanted was given to me lovingly. The ceremony itself was amazing. Ash was there for me every step of the way. Again I wanted reassurance which she gave me. The Kambo itself is so powerful! I am one of those people who’ve tried everything and have developed a belief that nothing works for me. Yet with the Kambo, I could feel it working throughout my body and I knew that this was different. My main intention going there was to heal my thyroid and I was also thinking of my varicose and spider veins. Still, I thought oh I’ll have to go several times before I notice anything. I woke up this morning, took my temperature reading to measure how well my thyroid is doing and the reading was 97.7, Normal is 97.8 to 98.1!! My reading has been hovering around 97.1 for months!! Next, I looked at my legs. I wish I took before pictures because my spider veins have reduced by at least half! I am amazed and recommend this to anyone especially those who think nothing works for them! Ash is so kind and really works to build up each person’s self-esteem so that they feel powerful and brave for coming! I say the rewards greatly outweigh any courage it takes to get there! If you feel the calling just go!”

Elaine, Teacher, Toronto


“Kambo ah Sido una De mis medicinas purificadoras favoritas Y potentes. La energia de la medicina y el espacio que Ashley crea es de compacion profunda. Todo se siente limpio luego de la ceremonia. La orina es blanca como agua. La claridad Mental. Paz emocional. Y energeticamente te sientes absolutamente elevada.” Nicole, Orgasmic Freedom Coach, Chile


I may be a bit bias but I think in this case it wouldn’t change my recommendation. As a close friend of Ashley, I have witnessed her continuing journey by carrying Kambo and helping so many people learn about and experience the sacred frog medicine. Ashley does a wonderful job of educating and holding space for all of her clients with the utmost trust, patience, and professionalism. All of my 11th Kambo ceremonies have been in the care of Ashley. Her ceremonies are unique, private, and practiced with pure love. Ashley’s attention to detail and care to each client prior, during, and after the ceremony is outstanding and goes above and beyond. Extensive research in your personal aliments and areas of healing, any food restrictions, card readings, collaboration with other healers, and all of her unique past experiences are dynamically integrated into her ceremonies. As she continues to evolve and grow with her practice her ceremonial techniques and standards are becoming refined and polished, which I believe sets her apart from any other practitioner in her field. You will receive the highest caliber of care and consideration as you begin to explore what Kambo can do for your healing journey. Your experience with KamboAsh inevitably turns into a beautiful relationship with yourself and with Ashley. Thank you so much, Ashley, for your friendship, our experiences, and sharing this beautiful medicine with me and so many others, forever grateful for your beautiful soul.

Linh Doan

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